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Hello and welcome to "Real_Horror". This community is made to talk about and tell stories about real Horror incidents that have happened to you in your life. The rules are as follows...

1) No off-topic posts.

2) Use LJ-CUT when posting pictures..

3) No fake stories..If the members feel that the story is so bogus, the post will be deleted...

4) Dont make your story seem like its going to win an academy award.. In other words - stick to the Real Story =)


Some things you should know about if you are offended easily or whatever...

1) Pictures are encouraged and gore is just an aspect of life. If it adds to your story, post it...if you cant deal with it - LEAVE

2) Profannity is not generally used in story telling, but you can use it here, have fun...

3) Please dont post websites or rituals on how to perform voodoo and crap..If you want, you can post stories about your encounters with these, thats always fun =)

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