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First story..

Ok, Im going to start this off with one of my favorite, and well told stories..Its actually real (obviously) So its what really freaks me out..I was going to record the whole story and post it here but w/e, too much work - but it would seem more better in voice than words..Ohk here it is below!

Ohk, about 1 month ago, there was a class field trip for our school and there was this girl I was going to ask out on the trip to Islands of adventure..So I wake up at 4 AM and rush to school as fast as I can so I can get a good seat on the bus. Right when im about to get on the buss, The teachers wont let me get on because I didnt have a field trip form..and there was no way I couldve made one there, so I was pretty fucked..
I go home and im pretty messed up..the girl I was going to get with is now probably having fun with another guy and stuff and Im home being exteremly upset at no-one in particular..I then take nyquil and sleep till about 2 PM. My grandma takes me to my moms house so I can do my LJ and play games for the rest of the night. (Im going to be staying home alone)
I get home and figure out that my network connection is down..So in a stupid attempt to fix the network, I trigger a virus on the host computer and now, My moms $1000 computer is fucked up cause the trojan wont let me log back in..I couldnt take it and broke down and started crying like a baby. The day couldnt get any worse..But it was So I start praying and splurting out crap (Im semi-christian) and specifically, I start praying to god to "Get me out of this house please" And heres where the freaky shit started happening..
As soon as I finished praying by saying the word "Please" the phone rang instantly. I got up to get it and it was my grandma, who was going to pick me up..for no reason! Now remember..My grandma dosnt know Anything that happened, and the odds of that phone call happening right then and there is kinda big. So right there im like starting to question myself and jump from a crying dude, to a blank person. So I sit on my couch and its about 8:00 PM already. The whole house is dark, No lights are on and its already dark outside here in Florida. So I walk up to my mirror and start talking to my little refelction in the mirror about how I feel...
(Now, Everyone knows what they look like without looking at a mirror, its called your "self, mental-image") All of a sudden, I stopped talking at my reflection and noticed that my eyes were diffrent. The entire pupil was black. My hair was nicely parted and neat..yet there was hair in my face and the color was pure black..My hair color is dark brown people heh. Now this I cant explain myself. As I kept looking, The images around the mirror got darker and my "mental-image"..started Smiling - I was not even moving my mouth! I was fucking stunned..And my "refelction" was smiling right back at me..So I froze and suddenly jumped back from the mirror and I was going so paranoid that I thought in my head "I have to get out of here now" And right when I finished saying that in my head, the door knocked, and my grandma picked me up.. You tell me what that is hehe, cause thats my horror story..

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