Yuli (little_october) wrote in real_horror,

I Wouldn't call this a story really, more like an experience..
four years ago I had this odd dream, where me and my older brother were in this huge white room.. well actually it wasn't really a room, just like.. a white nothing.
Anyway my cousin walks up to us, I think he was in Israely defence army uniforms but im really not sure, and he starts telling me and my brother that he has to go now, but that it's ok, and he was smiling (veru typical for him).
And then I started crying..
When I woke up that morning I didn't know it yet, but early that morning he was killed in some army practice he was at.
And I couldn't bring myself to tell my mom about that dream for years, since I knew she's so broken about his death. but somehow I feel it wasn't a bad dream, but more like a goodbye.
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