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My co-worker's house

I haven't had anything real big happen to me but I have heard TONS of ghost stories from witnesses (my grandmother, my aunt, my mom, friends, etc.) Here's the most recent one:

My co-worker, tara, has been living in the same duplex for about a year and a half and 2 months ago her friend, rose, moved into the basement. Ever since then, weird stuff has been happening.

Tara has this HUUUUUGE window behind her couch in her living room, and her and rose were outside smoking one day and they noticed that the window has latches on it so you can open it and they were talking about it and tara said 'well they've been painted over, it probably won't open'. The next day, Tara, Rose, tara's boyfriend, and a friend of their's were just sitting and talking and all of the sudden the window just falls out of the house... and doesn't break. It took all four of them to put it back.

Another time, Rose was sitting on the couch talk on the phone and the light fixture fell from the ceiling and shatter, and the phone went dead at the same time. As they were cleaning, they noticed the screws were still in the ceiling. After they were done cleaning, the power went out in the whole house except the microwave.

The other day Rose was taking a shower and she came out and the front door was wide open and she got really creeped out because she thought she locked it. So she locked it again, the deadbolt and the door, and went downstairs. She came back up and the door was wide open with the deadbolt sticking out.

A few nights ago when tara's kids were staying the night, Tara got up in the middle of the night, checked on her kids, their bedroom door was wide open, and she went to the kitchen to get a snack. She heard a really loud slam and figured it was the screen door outside flapping in the wind. As soon as she heard it, her daughter screamed "MOMMY!!! WHY DID YOU SLAM MY DOOR?!" There was no draft in the house. No windows open. And there's no space between the door and the carpet, so the door does not close that easily.

Every once in a while Tara will get phone calls and she'll pick it up and it'll either be dead silence or they will just hang up. A few times she's heard someone whisper "tara.... tara...." and she'll just go "WHAT?!" and then nothing.

Rose hears footsteps all night long, on the stairs. Tara's kids are scared to sleep in their room and they never have been before.

They came home from work one night and the chair the have outside was all the way at the top of her driveway facing the fence. Another time they came home and found a little girl's belt on the front porch that they had never seen before... the next day it was a little girl's bracelet. Those three could have logical explainations, but explain the front door, the light fixture, the phone calls, etc...
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