Moonlight and Roses (figureinthedark) wrote in real_horror,
Moonlight and Roses

Hello everyone, I saw this in the hauntings community and thought to join since I encounter the paranormal quite a bit. If you're interested in what happend to me lately feel free to check out hauntings or look below. Hope to meet some new friends here. :)

This morning I woke up to a woman shouting the name, "Briseland" into my ear. She was calling to me as if I were that person laying in bed. Then as I was getting dressed I've been thinking that maybe "Briseland" had lived in my house before in the 18th century. Because only one family lived here in the 70's and that was the "Taylors". Sometime this week I'm going to go research at the Historical Society to see if that name is related in some way. Has this happend to anyone else before? (I've had experience with voices all of my life but nothing came as strongly as this one did.)
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