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I joined this community a long time ago, because it's interesting, but I've decided its time to make my contribution.

Awhile ago I was working at a teen youth retreat called Teens Encounter Christ. It's a weekend-long retreat, and the following events occured late Saturday night. I have changed names to protect privacy...

Now, at TEC, there is a room called the prayer chapel. There is always someone in the room praying, at all times during the weekend. On the Saturday night in question my friend Nate was in the chapel. A lot of people had not been showing up for their assigned times, and we'd been talked to about it that morning. In light of this, Nate was praying that God would help him to be effective and that he could use his time there well. Just as he prayed this, he began to hear screams. Bloodcurdling screams that cannot really explained. He thought to himself that he would soon be hearing an ambulance, and sure enough, he heard one. So bad were the screams, that, despite the fact we are told NEVER to leave the chapel unattended, Nate almost left. But he stayed and heard the sound of people rushing about upstairs, and then the ambulance leaving.

 During the time he was hearing this, he wasn't aware of any of his senses, aside from his sense of hearing. He does not recall what he felt, any actions, anything. Now, on Saturday night, there is a talent show for everyone at the retreat. It just so happened that the room where the talent show was held was very close to the room Nate was praying in. In fact, the person whe had been in there before Nate had been saying he could hear one of the acts performing while he was praying. I myself was stading about ten feet from the door of the chapel this whole time. The walls of this church were very thin, and anything Nate had heard, we would have heard. And yet, we heard nothing.

But there's another piece to this. While these two things were going on downstairs, a girl named Katie was upstairs having an asthma attack, and a serious one at that. It was so bad that they had to call an ambulance. All this was happening about the same time that Nate was hearing the screams. Because of the seriousness of Katie's situation, someone went to Nate in the prayer chapel. When they walked in they said,"We have another prayer request," and Nate instantly says, "Oh, good, you have to tell me what those horrible screams were." The guy, Don, asked, "What screams?" Nate tried to tell Don what he'd heard, but Don had no clue what was going on. Don simply told Nate that Katie was having an asthma attack and they'd called an ambulance. When Nate's time in the prayer chapel was up, he tried to brush the incident off, assuming he'd mistaken the ambulance as screaming.

Until he told our friend Jake about it all. Jake looked at him in horror and told him, "The ambulance never had its sirens on."

The next day, when Nate and Jake told the rest of us about it, there were a lot of theories flying around, but the one that seemed best, and the one Nate stuck to, was that he'd heard a demon, and the demon was trying to get him to leave the prayer chapel. He was pretty freaked out about it, so much that he told Jake if he ever hears those screams again he is going to kill himself.

The story, oddly enough, doesn't end there. Someone told Katie, who believes strongly in a spirit realm, what Nate had heard. A little while later, she had a vision of herself while she was having the asthma attack. She saw a demon hovering over her, choking her, and an angel, pacing back and forth frantically wondering what to do. The angel finally went running to Nate screaming "Pray, get help now," over and over again. Nate, Jake and I all heard this second-hand from Katie's friend Ryan, and I was with Nate when Ryan told him. Nate seemed skeptical, and I don't know what to believe as far as the vision goes. But I know that Nate was scared shitless after the actaul event, and he cetainly did hear something. What, I don't really know, I guess the interpritation of this story is up to you.

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