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I just came upon this community and joined so I thoguht I would tell of a story about myself right off, and I'll note that I'm currently 21 and 6 months old.

When I was 17 I used to walk everywhere because I didn't have a car from having badly wrecked mine a year earlier. I live a a somewhat small town that's gradually growing. This town rests in a vally and most of the land around the part of town I live in used to be swamp land before this area was settled and made liveable and turned into housing additions. Knowing this I would take alternative routs home when ever I would walk home from my friend's house late at night which was usually between midnight and 4 in the morning since I liked the switch off between the wooded area and housing areas. Every so often while walking my normal path through backyards and wooded areas I'd get an instinctual feeling like something else was there, but I coudl never see or hear anything around me; even when I'd stop for a few minutes because how prominant the feeling would be. Sometimes I'd even hear something nearby moving with me, but it'd go away once I'd stop to listen or focus in one the area the sound came from. Then there were times when I'd stop and see a shadowed figure of an animal or sometimes human like move past where I was looking even though there wouldn't be any moving lights around me, jsut the moon lighting my way.

One night when I was walking home around midnight or so I was making my way out of one housing addition to cross a somewhat busy street due to the apartment complexes I was making my way towards and the housing additions around it which I lived in. I got another one of those instinctual feelings like something as there and caught the sight of something out of the corner of my eye. This time when I looked it wasn't like all the other times of not seeing something, or seeing a shadow figue make it's hasty exit; I actualyl saw something. I almost didnt' beliefe myself as I stoped copld in my casual walk as I stared at this creature that I at first thought was a dog untill I noticed that it was walking on only its hind legs in a hunched over upright way. I had thoguht it to be a dog at first glace because it was covered in a brownish blond colored shaggy hair with ears that were long and pointed. I blinked and took a second look to make sure I wasn't seeing things and that's when it looked directly at me and just stared right back at me. It was about 3 and a half feet tall with it's hunch, probably just over 4 feet tall if it's animalistic hind legs would have let it stand upright. I would have thought it to be a werewolf or something, but its face didn't have dog like features, but more gremlin like with hair; and it's front legs/arms were held against it's chest with it's paws/hands bent forward from it's bent up arms like it was prowling or naturally walked that way. It's ears were a good 6 inches out from the side of it's head, pointed and had roughly 2" tufts of hair that sprouted from the tips downward. The near full moon and nearby street lights aided my good nightvision and gave me a good view of this creaturefor a good 30 seconds to a minute before a car passed by and its headlights flashed over the creature then off to pull the shadows over it and it vanished. I say it vanished vecause it was standing in a corner where a 6 foot privacy fence came to the saide of a 2 story house and the creatures only exists were straight past me, towards the well lighted road, or past the yard post lamp near the driveway of the house; yet it wasn't there when the car headlights passed. What spooked me about this sighting is the glow of the creatures eyes and the grin I swear I saw on it's face as the headlighs passed over it before it vanished.

Barely a week after this a friend of mine and I were walking down the same road sicne it was a nice night and we were bored of sitting in the house. As we walked past the house I saw the creature at (on the other side of the street under the street light) pointing it out to him and re telling him the story of the night I saw it a creature we could only describe as a gremlin hopped lept out of the dumpster we just passed and bolted, not ran, right between us. We were close enough together that we both felt the creature brush against our legs, which caused us to look down in time to see the upright gremlin looking creature run into the darkness ahead of us and vanish; only leaving behind the fadding feeling of it brushing against our legs and the sound of it's feet pitter pattering across the cement fresh in our memories.

Ever since then when I'd walk home that way I'd get the same feeling of when I saw the large harry creature along with a strange shadow, or another gremlin sighting. In the past year and a half I wouldn't have to be walking home from my friends to get the same feeling or catch sight of a gremlin running past in the near distance, but just anywhere in my housing addition, or the park and housing additions near the still wooded area around here during the night.

I drive now thanks to a nice bank loan, but I still look to the darkness within the park and other darkened areas of my old walking paths knowing what's out there.
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