Bean (angelinthenite) wrote in real_horror,

Hmmm. I've realized noone really updates in here. So I will. Hmm.

Okay, real horror.
Over this past summer, I was staying up late with my friend. We were talking and then they kind of jumped. Like something had spooked them. I asked what it was and they pointed to the stairs. I looked over towards them and there was a ghost there.

He just walked back and forth on one of the stairs. Never falling. But never really going anywhere but that one step. So we watched him for a little. He had dark brown hair almost to his shoulder and reminded me of this boy I knew. We waited for him to either acknowledge we were there, or to leave. And he looked at us but just kept pacing on that step. We noticed there was something in his pocket. A knife. And his wrists were slit. Obviously he had committed suicide and we tried to talk to him. He just kept pacing back and forth, but never said a word. He looked about 15 or 16ish but you could tell by his clothes that he died a while ago.

He would glance up at us every few seconds and then continue was kind of creepy. Especially because we had to go up the stairs to go to sleep.

We decided to watch some t.v. and hope that the ghost left, but that's when we found out my friend's house was haunted by not just one ghost, but three. There was a ghost that appeared to be about 50ish and was laying on the couch. He wasn't creepy at all. Just an old man, and then there was another ghost, but she was a girl. Around 9 or 10, she tried desperately to touch things, and move things, but she couldn't.

So we kind of lounged in the kitchen for the rest of the night. At least until about 5 a.m. and by then, it was morning, so we headed up the stairs, and he was gone. The man on the couch was gone, and the little girl was gone.

Off to a morning of restless sleep and bad dreams.
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