Yuli (little_october) wrote in real_horror,

As my joining to the community story, I want to share a personal horror.
My family's appartment is haunted. I Know this for a fact. I don't mind anymore though.
But it was very different when we first moved here. This appartment use to be owned by my grandparents. I can remember my grandfather at his last living days, sitting in the livingroom, looking as if he was already dead. He scared me as I was a little girl.
After his death we owned the place, and we rented it out to other families, until eventually we moved here. at first I was quite upset and couldn't sleep here. it didn't feel like home. I got my grandparents old bedroom.
After a while I satteled in. just then the weird things started happening. It started late one night when I was trying to sleep, when out of nowhere I started hearing a clock tick. It drove me nuts, night after night, out of no where in the middle of silence.. tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock..
I figured it was the clock in the kitchen so I went over to it one day and listend for 20 minutes.. not even a sound. At night I started hearing it again, and I searched the entire room for something that ticks..
suddenly I realized where the sound was coming from. I got on my bed and listened closly..
The ticking came from inside the wall. the cast wall. there use to be a bathroom there, but when we moved in we blocked it with cast.

The ticking didn't stop until about a year ago.

That's just the first thing that's happened in here. Ive got many more.
hope you didn't find my story too un-scary
my next post will be of one of the other weird stuff about my place.
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